International Influencer Campaign

Case study Influence Marketing – Wine and spirits:

International campaign (France, Spain, Netherlands, United States, Germany, Russia) for the launch of the “lipstick box”, a glamorous packaging for the Christmas and New Year holidays. Story aligned with the “Dash of Seduction” brand campaign.

The influencer marketing campaign briefly:

Tanke imagined a campaign around the Art of living, French elegance and Glamour through creative pictures on Instagram. The strategy revolved around two contents:

1 – Photo teasing “Getting ready for seduction” published on Instagram
Influencers were invited to share a picture of themselves getting ready for a seduction moment and aligned with the glamorous spirit of the campaign.
2- Photo reveal published on the brand’s GI account

Campaign results:

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Photo credits: @katie.one, @huntforstyles, @ruerodier, @miamiamine, @hoardoftrends

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