December 6th, Statégie rewarded us the Grand Prix Stratégies for Luxury in the category “Social Media features “. We are proud to represent influence marketing in this incredible industry that is luxury, with a prestigious brand as Gucci. 

This campaign reflects the committed position of our agency: trusting influencers and putting the content creation in the center of our strategy. To express the flowery and the poetic of the fragrances that Gucci has entrusted to us throughout the year. 

In this article, we will thank the influencers and explain how we have made, imagined and managed this campaign with the influencers.

An influence campaign to interpret the essence of Gucci Bloom

In collaboration with the Gucci team, we have selected influencers and artists with a unique paw to enhance the parfum. Inspired by the movie of the campaign, we made a storytelling around the wild and flowery nature taking back its rights on urbanism. The talent of each one was expressed through photography, illustration, art paper, stylism, painting or collage. 

15 influencers and 98 brand contents

Gucci wished to collaborate with artists and original creators: we have then selected 10 young women with flowery feed representing the universe of the product and the brand. They all were very inspired by the fragrance and they had full permission to interpret in their own way the new perfume from the prestigious fashion house.

15 influencers created 98 contents on their own Instagram accounts for this influence campaign (list at the end of the article). More than a drive to store, this brand content campaign makes it possible to register the actions carried out in the context of the influence in a real strategy in adequacy with the artistic direction of the brand. 

What made the difference

Between animated contents, millimetric illustrations and argentic photography, the contents created by our selected influencers and artists with authentics and personal style have successfully combined modernity and tradition in their interpretation of Gucci Bloom.  

3 factors to distinguish our influence marketing for Gucci Bloom

According to us, this campaign is a success thanks to 3 factors: 

  • The excellent selection of the influencers. They were able to create perfectly adapted contents. 
  • The letting go of Gucci who trusted us and trusted the content creators to interpret with their universe the fragrances Gucci Bloom. 
  • The diversity and the incredible quality of the contents that allow to show that it is now mandatory to work with influencers to create unique contents.  

Gucci and Tanke have sent a strong message to all the luxury actors: influence marketing is more than a simple lever but a new way to look at marketing and the creation of brand content.

The selected influencers

The campaign was embodied by 15 creators/artists for the launch of the fragrance Gucci Bloom: Nelly (@musesuniform), Virginie Morgand (@virginie.morgand), Edith Carron (@edith_carron), Caroline Drogo (@carolinedrogo) from Les nanas d’Paname (@lesnanasdpaname), Noemi Ferst (@normiferst), Lia Rochas Pàris (@liarochasparis), Nina Kolchitskaïa (@ninakolchitskaïa), Yasmine Baïou (@yasmineodalisque), Marie Doazan (@mariedoz), Marie Guillard (@mariegui), Lorraine Sorlet (@lorrainesorlet), Marynn (@marynn_marynn), Anna Wanda Gogusey (@Annawandagogusey), Nastasia Dusapin (@Nastasiadusapin) and Romane (@oui.romane)

A huge thank you to them for interpreting the essence of Bloom with such precision and authenticity. 

Thanks to Gucci for trusting us on this campaign, as well as our team that contributed to make this campaign reality all year long.

Let’s exchange about your influence marketing project! 

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