Social networks are reaching a new stage of innovation, generating global business opportunities, targeting all business activities, from b2b to b2c. An evolution that has accelerated in the last two years, fueled by the awareness of a rapid and necessary transition from real to digital, in an increasingly immersive reality.

One of the most frequently asked questions is how the Metaverse will shape social networks? All the functions and possibilities of interaction allowed on social networks are bound to become more real, starting with simple conversations, which should look more and more like those of offline life, where there is a sharing of space and an immediate (and not screen-mediated) exchange.

Communications or telephone conversations could finally take place in the presence of avatars or holograms teleported into digital space. The same applies to games, events or live broadcasts.

In addition, Meta will provide content creators with new tools to experiment with in the Metaverse to express their creativity and share it with fans. Other categories of creators, such as filmmakers, artists, musicians, will be able to bring their products to a user audience by organizing concerts or film screenings in the virtual space.

The evolution of social networks in the Metaverse will allow the organization of activities related to education, shopping and fitness. In particular, shopping, with the growth in popularity of NFTs and crypto-currencies, will see some very interesting developments. Let’s focus on this last aspect and try to go further.

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