The Cerruti brand celebrated its 50th anniversary. For this occasion the house unveiled its new fragrance “Cerruti 1881 Signature”, which embodies the new, natural and spontaneous man.

We imagined and set up an influence campaign for the launch of this new perfume with a collective of 4 French influencers ” Les Ringards ” composed of : Romain Costa,  Nicolas Simoes, Le Petit Français, et Raphaël Simacourbe. To create a strong bond with the brand and maximize engagement, our agency developed a creative and strategic campaign the “Men’s Guide”, a 3-step activation to accompany the launch of the fragrance :

Engage influencers in advance of the launch with an invitation to the Cerruti catwalk during the Paris Fashion Week in January 2017. Influencers were able to prepare their respective audiences as well as on the Ringards joint account for the arrival of a new project through photos and Instagram stories ex: “project coming soon with @Cerruti1881…”.
One of the influencers of the collective, Raphaël Simacourbe was chosen for a shooting in partnership with GQ magazine, his image embodying the values of the new man according to Cerruti. The style is to be found in the March 8, 2017 issue on the GQ website.
Realization of 5 video capsules. 1 video capsule per influencer highlighting his own style, his art of masculine elegance as well as a video capsule gathering the 4 influencers. The capsules were published on the accounts of each influencer and the one common to the collective.

In the end, the campaign generated 600,000 impressions and more than 400,000 views.

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