Nettare Di Fiori, the third part of the series Bloom is from an artistic collaboration between Alessandro Michele and Alberto Murillas. This new fragrance with notes of ginger and rose explores the sensuel, mysterious and dark character of the Bloom woman. 

An intensely darker perfume with secret, intense and intimate juice whose DNA is based like its predecessors, on the flower essence in a wild garden. 

The desire to keep creating influence marketing campaigns with the participation of french artists  naturally took place between Gucci and Tanke. Tanke was really enthusiastic to work on a new DNA. A more secret and mysterious fragrance that allowed us to work with a new selection of artists, whose universe could embody this new facet of Bloom. For this part, we have asked the artists to show more thorns, foliage to represent this wild garden invented by Alessandro Michele and in other words, to reveal the more raw and imperfect aspect of Nettare Di Fiori. 

The campaign was organized around 3 contents per artist: 2 stories and 1 Instagram post with mentions and hashtags @guccibeauty and #nettaredifiori . A story to create a teasing on the upcoming project with the brand Gucci, an instagram post to reveal the project and a last story to invite the audience of each girl to go see the creation. 

For this third part, the creativity of each is shown through photography (argentic and digital) , painting, illustrations by combining visuals and animated content. The campaign Nettare Di Fiori embodied by intensetly darker creations have been possible thanks to the participation of talented artists: 

Agathe Singer, illustrator @agathesinger

Alice Kong, photographer @thekongcept

Adeline Mai, photographer @askadeline

Alice Wietzel, illustrator @alicewietzel

Claire Prouvost, illustrator @claire.prouvost

Sarah Balhadere, photographer @sarahbalhadere

Cloé Bourguignon, illustrator @cloe.brgn

Diane Dal-pra, painter @dianedal_pra

Thanks to them for their beautiful participation to this new chapter of Bloom! 

In fine, the campaign will have created 36 contents for 130K follower reach 


You can find all the visuals for the Bloom influence campaign France in this case study: 

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