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Case study influence marketing – Beauty:

There is no need to introduce the Bourjois brand in France. Yet, in other countries, it is necessary. And this is what the brand asked Tanke to set up : introduce the brand on foreign markets and actively communicate the brand’s DNA while increasing brand awareness according to promotional calendars and driving consumers to brand partners’ stores.
This task was handed to Tanke for the Swedish, Ukrainian and Croatian markets, beginning in 2018.

The influencer marketing campaign briefly:

Since late 2018, no less than 13 influencers (middle and macro) have worked with the brand on the three territories.
Tanke created and activated strategies on each of these markets according to the brand’s local objectives and adapting to the prefered channels by the influencers and their communities. Thus contents were posted on Instagram, YouTube and blogs.


Campaign results:

TANKE is in charge of influencers selection, booking and management for the Bourjois brand in Sweden, Ukraine and Croatia annually.

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