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Case study Influence Marketing – Hospitality:

Project carried out in partnership with the communication agency Azilis.

When people talk to you about IBIS hotels, you normally think of rooms, breakfasts and soaps that you take home and secretly collect. What you don’t necessarily imagine is all the other possibilities that Ibis hotels offer through their events package. To show the extent of the possibilities, IBIS, through the agency Azilis, contacted Tanke to imagine an influential and event campaign.


The influencer marketing campaign briefly:

During one year, 15 influencers travelled throughout France in 50 IBIS hotels to sport, cultural and DIY events… The content created: videos, photos, stories, visual prints, published on Instagram and YouTube.


Campaign results:

  • Follower reach: 1,6 millions
  • Content pieces: >800
  • Views on Instagram Stories : 6,9M
  • Earned Media Value : 136 793 €

TANKE was in charge of the selection, booking, management, organization of the schedules of the influencers for these 50 dates, the events and the quantified and illustrated reporting.

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Photo credit : @amelietauziede, @toutesenbasket, @roxanebust, @karoline.ro, @happyngood, @georgiasecretsyt, @emi_dt, @antoine_fombonne

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