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Tangle Teezer is THE brand of brushes that respects the hair of its users. However, as the international account is only in English, part of the French target group was not at all engaged to the brand. Tangle Teezer therefore contacted TANKE with the will to create and animate the @tangleteezerfr community on Instagram through content creation, but also influencers and micro influencers activations throughout the year.

During 1 year, 1 macro influencer, 6 to 9 middle influencers and 15 micro influencers per month were activated for Tangle Teezer in France to generate visibility and subscriptions on the Instagram account. The objective of this Influence Marketing France campaign is to support the CM by generating a large number of authentic contents that allow to mix influence strategy, social media strategy and content strategy.

TANKE is in charge of the selection, booking, and management of 180 to 250 influencers throughout the year, as well as the Community Management of the Instagram @tangleteezerfr account.


6,5 m

followers reach

7,3 K

Fans acquisition




content pieces

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