Movie Launch

Case study Influence Marketing – Entertainment:

For the launch of Tomb Raider movie, the adaptation of the eponymous video game series, Tanke imagined a surprising Youtube collaboration. 


The influencer marketing campaign briefly:

To promote the release of the film, Tanke had the idea to confront Tomb Raider with Danielle, the famous web granny in a series of challenges. Alicia Vikander, the actress who plays Lara Croft, challenged Danielle (@lestudiodanielle) to find an artifact hidden near her home. Danielle had to show courage and determination to overcome the city’s obstacles and succeed in her mission. This campaign included a Youtube video hosted on the channel of the famous duo Arthur and Danielle (@StudioDanielle), video push stories and a micro influence amplification (in order to share the movie trailer and create awareness around the release).


Campaign results:

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Video credit: @StudioDanielle

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