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Launch of the “Road to Inspiration” influencer campaign in Qatar for the 2022 World Cup.

Kia, a South Korean car manufacturer, engaged TANKE for the influencer campaign to highlight the brand’s new identity during an event in Qatar for the 2022 World Cup.

The “Road to Inspiration” influencer campaign was Kia’s initiative to inspire customers around the new brand identity through the “Movement that Inspires” platform. The Road to Inspiration – Kia Creators edition consisted of activities for the influencers driving the inspirational ideas. We asked 8 macro influencers from 5 different countries to create the pre-event stories explaining the aim of the campaign.

Talents were then invited to participate in the World Cup in Qatar, where they could experience a wonderful time with Kia’s representatives, test new Kia EV6 car and create an amazing content, such as IG Reels, carousel posts and stories.

The creators were invited to the Kia Vision Talks dinner where they talked about their personal and inspirational experiences. The cherry on the cake was semi-final match attendance where talents could enjoy the game and support their favourite teams.

520,8 K

total engagements

33,7 M

total impressions

25,4 M

total reach


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