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The perfume Terre de Lumière by L’Occitane was inspired by the mystical lands of Provence : “In Provence there is a unique moment when light sets the sky ablaze, and nourishes the earth with a moment of ephemeral grace. It is the Golden Hour. When this light becomes perfume, an addictive and contrasted signature is born”. The brand wished to organise a journey in Provence to immerse influencers and their audiences in the discovery of the fragrance and what inspired it. Tanke was in charge of the event digitalization and of several influence activations for the French market. 

Following the organization of the influential trip and the presence of 4 German profiles at the L’Occitane event, a creative content creation (cinemagraphs, animations) supported the release of two products and a commercial operation in France (the perfume Terre de Lumière, L’Huile de Jeunesse Divine L’Occitane and the beauty days of L’Occitane).


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