Welcome to the wonderful world of MAM! A brand proud to create unique and innovative products that make life easier for babies and parents so they can enjoy every moment.

The innovative & attractive design of their product line, combined with proven medical benefits, is key to provide babies with the best possible experience. This is why MAM is considered the essential brand for young parents and has established itself as a world leader in the field of baby bottles.

For two years, MAM Baby has chosen to work in collaboration with TANKE to develop its Social Media strategy. Our objective is to accompany them in order to become an expert brand and a true reference in childcare.

Every month our Social Media team focuses on growing the Instagram community and creating innovative content.

Through the use of a differentiating tone from competitors in the market, the management of monthly reports and the coordination of paid campaigns.

Our Creative team has taken up the challenge of proposing a unique graphic identity and participates in the creation of quality video and photo content.

We take pride in our work and look forward to continuing to deliver the best for MAM.

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18,4 M

TOTAL impressions

12,6 M

total reach

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content pieces

Our sales team will be happy to answer you and create with you the impactful strategy you expect!

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